1. cyclus bike shop

    in a residential area with a good number of cyclists, there was no shop that selled bikes, parts, or did repairs. enter cyclus. they saw a need, and they filled it.

    the ambience of cyclus strikes a perfect balance between grittiness (they’re located on east marshall, a little while away from the cutesy proper pie company or captain buzzy’s, where people congregate) and good quality. the color scheme too is balanced between light blues and dark greys, and there’s a cool kind of modern art sculpture going on with some wheels that hangs from the ceiling.

    there also hangs a shop policies board written in chalk. number 1 is be nice, which shows the good-natured personality of the owner and the shop’s goal in providing good bike service to church hill.

    the only way that shops like this can thrive is by citizens’ commitment to shopping local. without even trying, cyclus is a symbol for the church hill community ~ tough yet easygoing and neighborly ~ and that’s the significance of these businesses: their innate ability to embody the community and thus, serve their customers better.

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