1. captain buzzy’s beanery

    it’s better than your average starbucks, that’s for sure. captain buzzy’s, amongst the beautiful church hill houses, is the perfect neighborhood coffeeshop. the early morning hours (they open at 6:30 on weekdays) sees many grabbing to-go cups and blueberry crumble before they walk their dogs or head off to work. later in the morning, business meetings will take place in the eclectic armchairs and friends will catch up over some delicious signature church hill blend.

    the service is some of the friendliest you’ve ever seen, and captain buzzy’s roasts all of their own coffee. it’s been around for nine years and since then, church hill residents have enjoyed the homey, eclectic feel of the restaurant. there are stacks of board games, and old richmond and churchill artifacts line the walls.

    they don’t only serve coffee either. grab a sandwich or cookie and stay for a few hours. the ambience is relaxed, and the building itself is beautiful inside with a light maroon tiled ceiling and lots of light. even if you don’t live in churchill, captain buzzy’s is the perfect meeting or studying spot.

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    OMG!!! this was my favorite coffee shop when I lived in Church Hill~ yummmmmmmmmy
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    My Dad’s former grocery store in Church Hill is now a coffee shop. I love how they have remodeled the interior. Lots of...
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