1. c lo biking her way through richmond.

    this woman really represents richmond : its intellectual, artistic, modern, and historical sides. 

    and she loves this city, too.

  2. fountain bookstore

    cheerful and cozy with its wood accents and endless shelves of books, fountain bookstore fits in perfectly among the cobblestone streets and thundering trains of shockoe bottom. founded in 1978, it evolved from a more technical bookstore, selling mainly owners manuals and the like, into a really eclectic shop dedicated to its city and its city authors. many authors sell autographed copies of their books here, including garth stein’s popular the art of racing in the rain, and some come to read and present them, too.

    there are shelves of books that pertain specifically to this city and virginia as a whole, and everything else is divided by genres from cooking to mysteries. these are the types of books you won’t find on amazon, and that’s how the storeowners like it.

    fountain bookstore’s customers are loyal and often call in to place their orders, which end up in rows behind the front desk, awaiting their new readers. just as there is a wide range of books, there is a wide range of customers. 

    fountain bookstore feeds off of what shockoe bottom has to offer local businesses : foot traffic and tourism ~ something really unmatched in richmond only to the carytown area. the businesses all look out for one another, and that’s what makes it a perfect community for diverse businesses and thus, a richer experience for richmonders like you and me.

  3. bottoms up

    take this from someone who doesn’t like pizza (I know, I know, despicable) : bottoms up is good stuff.

    a shockoe bottom tradition and must-visit for any visitor to the slip, bottoms up was founded in 1990 off of n 18th street (they’re now on dock street). its original goal was to invent a popular slice for richmonders. since then, it has evolved into a destination for a myriad of customers : businessmen in suits on their lunch breaks, families out for a meal, teenagers roaming the city, you name it. good pizza attracts anyone and everyone.

    every pizza is made to order, which might take more time than someone has available on their lunch break. to remedy this, bottom’s up developed its “express lunch” system with a selection of specialty pizzas that will come in 15 minutes or it’s free. you can also buy “take’n bake” pizzas with thin crust to stick in the oven at home.

    come for jazz night on sundays or for a meal before hitting up off the hookah. bottoms up takes perfect advantage of its location by the canal walk, train station, and downtown of richmond just a few blocks away. it even displays the flood line of hurricane gaston almost a decade ago, which reaches above most heads.

    flood lines aside, bottoms up is always bustling, especially in these warmer months approaching when the air is breezy coming off of the canal, and the train rumbles overhead. take a seat outside, breathe in the pepperoni, and sink your teeth deeply into the massive crust. because who even counts calories anymore?

  4. segway of richmond

    take a spring or summer stroll through richmond, and you are bound to see some people looking a little dorky ~ yet having a great time ~ zooming around on segways. segway tours of this good ole city are becoming more and more popular, especially among locals who want to better understand the geography and history of their hometown. the manager tells me that about 2/3 of their customers are local richmonders, with tourists making up the last third.

    there are many guided tour options, from the lincoln walk 1865 tour to the classic richmond landmark tour. regular tours are 2 hours and 15 minutes (the 15 minutes constitutes a lesson on how to operate the segway), but micro tours of an hour shorter are also available. you can discover a neighborhood you’ve never visited, such as the fan or church hill, or learn more about black history in rva.

    segway of richmond also has models available to sell. the location itself is located in the midst of the bustle of east cary street in shockoe bottom, and it’s bright and airy inside. helmets, scarves, sunglasses, and other paraphernalia line the walls. a wooden contraption, which is an old elevator, looks a little out of place in the corner but points to the great history of the building, which used to be a cotton exchange!

    whether you’ve lived in richmond your whole life or are a visitor for a long weekend, a segway tour is a fantastic way to learn something new about the city on a faster pace than walking but with more mobility than driving can offer.

    segway of richmond is the paradigm of old meets new : century-old cobblestone streets meet the technology of a sleek machine, and history enters the open minds of all richmond denizens.

  6. family taking a jog break.

  7. seen at bottoms up.

  8. I think he might be a mets fan.

  9. no caption needed, really.

  10. napping in his suit on the capitol lawn, this man works in the supreme court building and was tired from driving his family to dc yesterday. he said he usually reads his book on the lawn on nice days. this was the first one of the year.

    welcome, spring. rva missed you.